sunday 10AM

3220 E 10th St

Sioux Falls, SD 57103

what to expect

On Sunday mornings, Connection Church gathers together as a church family to worship Jesus, sing songs of praise, sit under the preaching of God's Word, and be transformed by the Gospel, that is, the “Good News”. 

We invite you to join us, even if you wouldn't describe yourself as a Christian. We hope to be able to provide you with a welcoming and loving environment to bring your questions, curiosities, and skepticism as you "kick the tires" on this thing called Christianity.

Our gatherings tend to be rather casual. Jeans, for example, are perfectly fine, though some choose to "dress it up" a bit with a business casual look. When you arrive, help yourself to a cup of coffee just inside the main entrance. As you enter our gathering space, feel free to grab a copy of the Bible. If you don't own one already, then we encourage you to take a copy home with you—it's yours to keep.

Our Sunday gatherings last approximately 85 minutes. While we are together, it is our desire to be encouraged and changed by the Good News of Jesus; so it is the reason we sing, the gift for which we thank God, the motivation to pray, and the word we long to speak and hear.  

When we gather together, we believe that people of all ages, especially families, ought to celebrate the Good News of Jesus in song together. For this reason, our gatherings are structured so that Kids Connection does not begin until after our time of worship through music and corporate prayer.  

After this part of our gathering has concluded, kids from birth to age 8 are dismissed towards Kids Connection. Before we set out to open the Bible together and focus our thoughts on applying the truth of Scripture to the questions of everyday life, we like to also use this brief “intermission” as a time to grab a refill on coffee and generally operate less like strangers for a few minutes!

kids connection

While kids of all ages are welcome to be a part of the regular worship service, age-specific programming is available on Sunday mornings for children 0-8 years old during the worship service.

After age 8 (around completing 1st grade), parents are encouraged to have their kids remain with them for the entirety of the worship service.

Our children's ministry, called Kids Connection, is currently broken down into two age groups, all located just down the North hallway - inside the Main Entrance and to your right.

Nursery: Birth to Age 2

Kids Connection: Age 3 to 8

The Good News for Kids: It is not our hope to merely be “babysitters” of children while the adults are shaped by the preaching of the Gospel. It is our hope to be shaping the minds and hearts of children simultaneously with the Good News of God’s love demonstrated of us in Jesus Christ. At Kids Connection, we hope to explore the Good News of Jesus through a Bible Story. It is the same as it is with the adults - just with a lot more coloring, singing, and playing!

We pray that children find the same hope and joy that we have found in Jesus Christ!