A number of our weekly rhythms have changed, though our mission to make disciples of Jesus in Sioux Falls has not!

Right now, we have a few practices in place to mitigate the spread of illness during our worship service. Those practices are explained and demonstrated in this video, which is helpful because it also gives a visual of what things actually look like. 

To summarize, we do the following:

  1. encourage (& provide) masks,
  2. are using the parking lot to expand our foyer, as weather permits,
  3. have ushers to help folks find seats efficiently and in an orderly way,
  4. have spaced out our seating, so that family/household groups can sit together and be distant from other groups, and
  5. have a modified coffee service, serviced by our hospitality team, who wear masks. 

We also are not offering our Kid’s Connection classes during our worship service, and Pastor Jonathan has been aiming for shorter sermons to make things easier on families, even as we are happy to welcome kids (and their energy) into our midst during the worship service. 

At this point in time, our practice is to notify our attendees if there is any risk of exposure, with anyone having direct exposure being notified more specifically. On a few occasions, we've paused our in-person gatherings temporarily and have offered only live-stream services when we've felt that was the best course of action. We encourage attenders to fill out our online Connection Card, so that we have the means to contact folks if there is a need. 

If you become ill after attending a worship service (within 72 hours), we ask that you will notify someone on our staff. We will do everything we can protect your privacy as we endeavor to care for the congregation as a whole. 

For those who are unable to join us in person, whether because you or someone in your household is ill, has a pending COVID-19 test, or is at-risk, we invite you to join us virtually through our live-stream, via Facebook